composite heat blankets for bending composite decking

Heatcon has now turned its attention to the decking industry with the introduction at JLC Live of heat forming kits for bending composite decking (Figure 1). The 10-foot kit costs $1700 and the 20-foot kit costs $3000. All heating blankets are 120-volt and run on house current. Bending EverGrain. I obtained a 20-foot kit. To test it I had ... 【Get Price】

This heat blanket* is designed specifically for deck bending applications to produce decorative surfaces or inlays. In combination with the heat forming kit curved shapes can be created for a unique construction. Packaged with Heat Forming Kit #: HC99-300 Type: Deck bending heat blanket Material: Silicone rubber Dimensions: 8in x 120in Volt: 120 Watts: 864 Leads (wire): 3ft Connector: Plug ... 【Get Price】

HEATCON silicone rubber heat blankets are specifically designed for the repair of composite structures using vacuum bagging techniques. The unique construction of our heat blankets allows you to apply uniform heat exactly where you want it. 【Get Price】

When a PVC decking plank reaches the perfect bending temperature it is immediately removed from its heating blankets and clamped into a pre-built form designed to match the creative shape that we’re seeking to achieve. Once the plank leaves the heat we have approximately 120 seconds of time available to bend the plank effectively. 【Get Price】

The HC99-300 Heat Forming Kits for deck bending applications brings a new evolution to the construction and remodeling industry. This proven technology allows contractors to give their customers new and innovative options while minimizing time and costs. Heat Forming Kit Includes: • 8"x10' heat blankets (select qty 2 or qty 4) • 1- temperature controller (#HC7900) • 1- pair of gloves ... 【Get Price】