can decking be laid on grass

Easy to install and maintain artificial grass is rapidly taking UK gardens by storm. Perfect for households that may not have the time to properly maintain a grass garden artificial turf can be quickly laid on most surfaces and requires little more than occasional brushing to keep the pile standing upright. 【Get Price】

Mold growth: When you lay decking tiles directly on the dirt you eliminate airflow. Lack of proper airflow can lead to mold or bacterial growth on your composite tiles. Unstable ground: Think about the last time you walked across your yard — did the grass move under your shoes? Was the dirt soft and flexible? Shifting unstable ground can ... 【Get Price】

Why Lay Artificial Grass on Decking. If your decking is damaged or discoloured you can floor it by using artificial grass. By installing synthetic grass on your deck you are eliminating the need to fix treat and seal your deck forever. Your new grass just needs an occasional hoover or a quick scrub to remove any dirt. 【Get Price】

Artificial deck turf is another option for outdoor flooring over dirt or grass that can be installed over irregular ground when an under tile is used. Turf is made with durable and flexible plastic material which allows the turf to adjust to uneven surfaces. 【Get Price】

Newer materials and technologies have transformed artificial lawn into a true must have that can easily enhance the outdoor appeal of your property. One of the most frequent questions asked by homeowners weighing in the benefits of fake turf is whether artificial grass can be laid on decking. 【Get Price】

There are several ways you can lay decking but we’re going to talk you through building a raised deck and how to lay decking on grass. Choosing the position. Decking can give you some extra outdoor space for entertaining and can even act as an extension of your home. There are a few things you should consider when it comes to picking a spot ... 【Get Price】

First things first. Before you start constructing your deck it would be wise to have a well-designed plan of your deck know how much decking you need as well as having all your materials and equipment. As this is a blog on how to lay your deck on grass we are going to go ahead and assume that you already have a pretty decent design plan. 【Get Price】