legend mage deck rank 5 to legend boomsday mage

I did'nt play Hearthstone in 20 months and I climbed D10 to Legend with this deck yesterday. I was an huge fan of Mage (particularly Tempo Mage and Freeze Mage). If you like this to play Tempo I hope this decklist can help you. Match-ups : Very good: Paladin Demon Hunter Warlock; Good: Rogue Priest Mage (excluded mirror Tempo Mage) 【Get Price】

I've always loved pogo rogue and finally set myself the challenge to perfect the deck and go from rank 5 to legend with it. After I managed to hit this goal a lot of people asked me questions about the deck and how to play it so here is a full guide that hopefully covers everything you need to know! 【Get Price】

This version is a variation of the Fenomeno's box mage but i found this list from Muzzy surprisingly more consistent than the usual highlander deck. I was stuck at bottom of rank 5 then i found this list and gave it a try it performed very well for me with a 32-16 score. My play was far from perfect so a better winrate can be espected. Overview 【Get Price】

Hi Seven Trust! This Ra-Freeze-OTK-Mage is the first deck that can really make use of Mogu Cultist and is currently quite competitive in meta these days.. If played well you will currently be able to reach winrates up to 58 % (tested with 50 games at legend). 【Get Price】

100% (19-0) WINSTREAK! | F2P/Budget Hunter 1160 Dust Ladder Climb | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone - Duration: 1:31:52. Disguised Toast 576395 views 【Get Price】

Boomsday Tempo Mage – #19 Legend (Asmodai) Player: Asmodai - Published: August 15 2018 - Updated: 2 years ago - Dust Cost: 5200 Tweet. ... Pro Mage Decks. Spell ... 【Get Price】

The Boomsday Project. The Witchwood Monster Hunter. ... Rdu's Rank 5 Legend Miracle Mage Deck 13 spells 17 minions meta standard combo. 2 6 7 5 2 2 0 ... 【Get Price】