chicken coop floor wire mesh

You should never use chicken wire for a coop floor. Chicken wire is a very weak material. It won’t last long and it’s much too easy for any predator to rip through and gain entry into your coop. You may however be able to use hardware cloth or heavy-duty 1/2” welded wire for flooring. This material is much stronger and therefore will ... 【Get Price】

Hardware cloth is wire mesh that consists of either woven or welded wires in a square or rectangular grid that is available in galvanized stainless steel and bare steel.2 It is manufactured from a stronger gauge metal than chicken wire (the smaller the gauge the stronger the mesh) making it a much better choice for flock protection. 1/2 ... 【Get Price】

The mesh size is large enough for them to peck through and forage for bugs grit and worms but small enough to prevent predators from digging or burrowing under and getting up inside your coop and chicken run. Cost Effective Protection A wire mesh chicken coop floor is a 【Get Price】

Wire mesh flooring is indeed an EGG-cellent idea! So don’t wait! Contact Backyard Chicken Coops today to learn more about adding wire mesh flooring to your chicken coop at: [email protected] Getting the best coop to keep your flock happy and safe is a daunting task with so many options. To build or to buy? 【Get Price】

I've read that using chicken wire for the bottom of the enclosure can possibly be bad for the birds' feet or that it isn't sturdy enough to hold their weight but I've seen plenty of coops with wire bottoms that don't seem to affect the chickens - especially if they aren't spending 24/7 in the coop and have access to a run or to free-range on the ground for periods of time. 【Get Price】