how to make a rooftop deck

Rooftop decking attaches to treated wood “sleepers” separated from the roofing by strips of EPDM. It’s best to build the wooden deck in removable sections for cleaning and maintenance of the rubber roof and repair of the membrane if ever needed. 【Get Price】

Build the frame of the roof on the ground. Frame up a box the size of the outer dimensions of your deck using 2 by 4 inch lumber. Then run joists connecting the front of your roof with the rear every two feet along the length of your roof. 【Get Price】

Step 6: Select the Right Decking for your Rooftop Deck. Rooftop decks are possibly the most punishing area to build a deck. They’re low clearance (moisture can get trapped below) low ventilation and high exposure. They often see the sun all day long. Choosing the right decking to survive - and thrive - in this environment is an important ... 【Get Price】

Before you build your deck or plant new trees take note of what lines-of-sight you want to maintain and which can be obfuscated. Building Steps for Rooftop Decks. If you have a large roof don’t feel you necessarily have to build the deck right next to the roof access. Perhaps the best place for a roof deck is near the top or at the far of ... 【Get Price】

Budgeting for Your Rooftop Deck Cost. A contractor may bill around $1000 in labor fees for your new deck. But if your patio has a number of site conditions that add complexity to the project such as a very elevated floor or a complicated design they may charge a higher price for their work. 【Get Price】