privacy fencing that can be raked

How long can a wood fence be expected to last? A western red cedar fence can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Species like hemlock will only last 10 to 15 years. A pressure treated fence panel can last as long as 30 years but 15 is more likely. All this depends on how well the wood is maintained and the quality of the products used. 【Get Price】

Most fences can only be raked so far (if they can be raked at all). For example a fencing product might specify that it can only accommodate an increase in height of 12 inches for every 6-inch-wide panel. Thus if the slope of your land is shallow you can choose either method. If the slope is steep however you must choose stepped fencing. 【Get Price】

Rack Method of Fencing. Sloped yards present a challenge for fence designers but several solutions exist for the problem of building a fence on hilly terrain. Each of those solutions has its ... 【Get Price】

There is a limit that some panels can be raked. With ornamental aluminum the limit is 12" over a 6' wide panel in most cases. Certain styles may rake more or less than this amount. Some styles can not be raked at all. This may be the preferred method in order to keep a uniform small space under the fence so the family pet can't get out. 【Get Price】