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Rubber Wattle. The rubber wattle is an alternative to a straw wattle or excelsior log. The florescent woven orange fabric is filled with recycled rubber tire pieces about an inch thick. The wattle can be used for inlet protection as well as multi-use applications for erosion and sediment control. Product Spec Sheets. Orange Crush-EcoGuard (411 ... 【Get Price】

Recycled plastic fencing is a great choice if you demand long-lasting fence material. Contact us today to learn more about our recycled plastic fence boards! 800.721.9037 【Get Price】

5. Repurposed Bike Fences. Source: Troy Neiman. Another recycled DIY fence idea for you is located in the Pie Allen Neighborhood Tucson. This installation used repurposed bicycle parts positioned at different angles to fit the steel frame. The combination of the two makes an original but clean design. 【Get Price】

The wattles capture silt in natural filter media produced from recycled wood waste contained by tubular netting. They have low permeability and are structured in 20in 30in or 40in diameter rolls. For particularly sensitive sites our 100% biodegradable version may be more appropriate. Deployment of Silt Wattles is flexible. 【Get Price】

In short wattle is fencing made of sticks – really sturdy ones. The best part about this cheap garden fence is that it can be made from materials you may already have lying around your land. Or you can forage for the wood you need. 【Get Price】

Wattles are a cost effective storm water treatment product designed to filter sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy. Straw wattles are encased in a heavy duty knitted cylindrical tube. 【Get Price】

A great example of how you don’t need to go buy a lot of materials to build a wattle fence. Wattle fences are a great way to use pruned branches. Garden Fence. Wattle fence hurdles connected by 4×6 posts. No source: Green Man Woodcraft’s Fence. Continuous weave wattle fence (bark side facing us) by Green Man ... 【Get Price】