tangent plastic lumber in qatar

HDPE plastic lumber by Bedford Technology a Tangent Technologies company is a strong and durable building material that can be customized for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our HDPE plastic lumber is manufactured using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) primarily sourced from post-consumer products like milk jugs and laundry ... 【Get Price】

Tangent Technologies LLC is the leading manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber in the United States and the fastest growing company in the industry. Since it’s founding in 2003 Tangent has been pioneering innovative advancements to each of its plastic lumber product brands: PolyTuf™ TanDeck™ PolyForce™ & PolyForce™ Plus to provide customers with an array of shapes finishes and ... 【Get Price】

Tangent Technologies LLC a manufacturer of high density polyethylene lumber has acquired extruder Bedford Technology LLC. The sale was completed at the end of February and announced March 23 by ... 【Get Price】

Tangent Technologies LLC offers the most innovative "new product development" solutions to produce recycled plastic lumber for a multitude of outdoor markets and high value applications. We have more than a decade invested in being "first to market" by developing technological advancements to offer new innovative plastic lumber products and ... 【Get Price】

TANGENT's most highly durable recycled plastic lumber marine dock board for residential and commercial waterfront properties and structures. We are the Industry Leader in Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber Feel free to call us: 1-630-264-1110 【Get Price】

Tangent can produce recycled plastic lumber up to 60 inches wide. No other plastic lumber manufacturer can come close to this ability to offer wide parts in plastic lumber applications. Imagine laying up a single sheet on your CNC machine and cutting a variety of parts. Embossed Finishes. 【Get Price】

Tangent was first HDPE based recycled plastic lumber manufacturer in the industry to co-extrude a separate cap layer around the perimeter of the part. This capability allows for the highest performance formulation to be where you need it in either the cap layer or core cross section at an effective cost. 【Get Price】