flat roof warm deck construction

The warm deck roof design is the modern method for flat roof construction and is preferred wherever this option is possible. So called because the insulating layer is located above the roof rafters and between the structural supports a warm deck roof results in a temperature for the roof and loft area that is consistent with the rest of the ... 【Get Price】

In a warm flat roof construction the insulation is positioned above the structural deck and no ventilation is required. Throughout the course of the year the roof deck and all below it is kept at a temperature close to that of the inside of the building therefore the roof structure is protected from extremes of hot and cold lessening the ... 【Get Price】

A warm flat roof or a built-up roof (BUR) is one where all the insulation is above the joists/deck making them part of the warm fabric of the building. The insulation is immediately below the waterproofing layer. 【Get Price】

An inverted roof construction sees the principal thermal insulation layer located above the roof structure and also above the waterproofing This method results in the waterproofing the structural deck and the support structure all being at a temperature similar to that of the interior of the building. 【Get Price】

Warm Roofs. In case of warm roofs they have an insulation above the roof deck in this way it keeps the deck ‘WARM’. It is usually the most acceptable type of construction for domestic possessions and belongings as it avoids the need for aeration of the roof construction. The membrane is then attached to the insulation. Cold Roofs 【Get Price】