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The terracotta cladding is a mixture of natural clay and water which is extruded in vacuum and fired at a high temperature to a hardness and compactness that ordinary ceramic tiles cannot achieve. When the terracotta cladding is properly designed and installed its life span is much longer than that of aluminum panels and fiber cement facades ... 【Get Price】

Exterior wall tiles are mainly used for the decoration and protection of building exterior walls. The exterior wall tile not only decorates the entire building but also has an important role in protecting the wall because of its acid and alkali resistance and stable physical and chemical properties. 【Get Price】

Ceramic cladding comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. The most popular finishes are stone metallic timber and solid colours. Since ceramic is engineered it offers a wide choice and differs from one panel to another. The panels become costlier with reduction in size. Ceramic cladding can be used to create diverse and elegant designs. 【Get Price】

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