2x4 end piece wood floor

Make your own end-grain tiles by using a bandsaw to cut inch-thick slices from a 2x6 or other piece of reclaimed lumber. ... Also called “wood-block” flooring end-grain floors are made of ... 【Get Price】

End grain flooring is a unique type of wood tile flooring. What makes this wood block flooring so different is that the tiles are actually cut from timber ends. This not only means that wood’s grain is visible and upward facing but also makes wood block flooring incredibly durable from a structural point of view. 【Get Price】

The crown of a piece of lumber is the upward arch you see when you look down its narrowest edge. In your new home builders who don't take crowns into consideration can create humps or dips in floors or walls. Engineered wood floor trusses and I joists can be used to eliminate crown problems. 【Get Price】

End Grain. Our End Grain wood flooring products are the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available. End Grain is made by continuously cross cutting or slicing logs or cants into blocks or rounds with the annual growth rings exposed on every piece. 【Get Price】