extend interior floor joists outside

The problem is the joists on the back side of the house are ~6 inches too short. The joists are 16" on center 2 x 10. The area above these floor joists doesn't seem to be carrying a lot of weight. Mostly just upstairs floor. No tubs walls etc. The area that would require the extending is approx 3 feet. Only 3 joists. 【Get Price】

It's about 5' deep and I believe the floor joists extend from inside the house to become cantilever joists for said deck. I'd like to take a 13' portion of the deck and extend it further out into the yard from 5' deep to about 13' deep. This would create a 13' x 13' deck space outside of my bedroom. This area is over a concrete patio. 【Get Price】

When you choose to cantilever a bump out the dimensions of your house's joists dictate the depth of the bump out. Generally bump outs can be cantilevered a distance equal to four times the size (depth) of the floor joists. For example a 2x8 joist has a depth of 7 1/4 inches; you can cantilever from 2x8 joists a maximum distance of 29 inches. 【Get Price】

Also insulate (4A) any portion of the floor in a room that is cantilevered beyond the exterior wall below; (4B) slab floors built directly on the ground; (4C) as an alternative to floor insulation foundation walls of unvented crawl spaces. (4D) Extend insulation into joist space to reduce air flows. 5. Band joists. 6. 【Get Price】

LIGHT FLOOR AND WALL FRAMING - Construction Knowledge.net exterior sheathing interior partitions and rough openings for Extend these marks with a square across the width of the sill. clearance between the bottoms of the floor joists and the A wood post can be secured to a concrete pillar in. 【Get Price】

Adding an interior wall can make a large unusable space more functional. To frame a wall you must choose the wall's location build the wall flat on the floor and then tilt it into place. Learning how to frame a wall requires accuracy and attention to detail but the results are well worth the challenge. 【Get Price】

The beam can be built into the floor system—say a double or triple rim joist—or it can be placed beneath the deck joists. If you don’t want posts and a beam at the house side of the deck then you’ll need to run the deck joists into the house floor joist system so the ends rest on top of a bearing wall or mudsill inside. 【Get Price】