square feet to linear feet siding

Linear footage is a measure of length or distance while square footage is a measure of area. Because these are different types of measure some additional information will be needed to convert between the two. For the calculator above the material width is used in conjunction with length to calculate the area. To convert linear footage to ... 【Get Price】

This siding calculator will calculate the lineal length of siding in feet needed to cover a wall and the square feet of the wall. Siding width and overlap need to be entered in inches. (decimal format) eg an 8 1/4" board with 1 1/4" overlap = 8.25 for width 1.25 for overlap. 【Get Price】

This will give the linear footage of siding necessary. Continuing with the example above assume your house has 800 square feet to be sided. Divide the square footage by the exposed board height of 0.83 feet. In this example 800 square feet divided by 0.83 feet is approximately 964 linear feet of siding. 【Get Price】

Estimate Linear Feet. Estimate the number of linear feet of siding needed by multiplying the width of the wall in feet by the number of courses. Boards are most commonly sold in 12′ lengths though 16′ and 20′ lengths can often be ordered. Divide the linear footage by 12′ to find the number of boards needed to cover the wall. 【Get Price】

Measure the width and height of windows doors and any other areas that will not be covered with siding. Multiply height by width for each area and add to get total square footage not covered with siding. Enter this total square footage here. 【Get Price】

Our Cedar Siding online calculator will provide you with an estimate on how much material you will need for your project. 【Get Price】

There is even a Siding Square Footage Calculator so you can estimate House Siding costs without any hassle. What measurements do you need? You need to know the length of one side of the area you wish to measure in either feet (ft) inches (in) yards (yd) centimetres (cm) millimetres (mm) or metres (m). 【Get Price】