how to use an old deck

When you use this formula in staining your old deck it gives you finer tonal control. Consider applying several layers if you need a deeper darker effect. Besides you can dilute the mixture for a softer final product. 【Get Price】

Wash the deck surfaces to remove brightener solution and other residue using a pressure washer with a fan spray nozzle. Use the low power setting to avoid damaging the wood. Let the deck dry thoroughly before applying new finish. 【Get Price】

If your deck sucks up moisture like a sponge or has begun to fade flake or is looking dingy it’s time to restain it – normally every 2 to 5 years. Before applying a new stain over old you need to clean or strip the decking. Stripping the stain off a deck can be done using a caustic compound that is applied to the planks. 【Get Price】

Use deck screws to reattach the good end then cut a piece of like decking to fill the gap and screw it to the joists. Check the handrails and balusters then replace any damaged sections. Use a 5-in-1 tool to remove large splinters and reset raised nailheads with the nailset and hammer. Protect the Surroundings Photo by Laura Moss. Steps: 【Get Price】

Start by ripping the old deck boards into 2-inch-wide pieces. Save a couple of the best pieces for the handrail and assemble the railing using doubled-up sections for the vertical posts. 【Get Price】

The best treatment for an old deck is to give it a good wash a bit of sanding and a new stain. The best deck stain for weathered wood works with the type of wood as well as the weather conditions ... 【Get Price】