floor without a mop

Choose a mop based on your floor type. If you have a floor with a lot of texture such as some ceramic tile floors you'll want the more classic string mop or a strip mop. If you have a smooth floor a sponge mop will work well. Mop buckets with built-in wringers work well if you are using a string or strip mop but any bucket with a handle ... 【Get Price】

Everything Beth said. Adding: 1. You can use a microfiber cloth on a swiffer too. 2. If you have a small push broom (the kind like a scrub brush on a broom handle) wrap a damp microfiber or small hand towel around the head and mop like a sponge... 【Get Price】

Read about how to clean laminate floors without streaks. When it comes to shining surfaces it's amazing to find that baking soda and black tea are the go-to cleaning products! A little warm water spray bottle and some DIY mopping can go a long way. #laminate #cleanfloors #flooring 【Get Price】

Instead opt for a spray mop for a faster finish; these mops-without-buckets also cut down on the amount of storage space you need to keep them – all you need to do is fill up the bottle with hot water and your chosen floor cleaner attach it to the mop and you're away. 【Get Price】

Without a clean sweep or vacuum job mopping a floor covered in dust dirt and hair simply spreads the debris around. If you’ve been making this mistake all your life there may be a couple of ... 【Get Price】