does floor come in different colors

When you want a bold colorful floor tile is generally where you go but there's a serious case to be made for painting your floors. If you've got hardwoods or even neutral tiles you don't have ... 【Get Price】

Vinyl sheet flooring has three different backings with different installation requirements. Adhesive vinyl flooring typically has a felt-backed vinyl sheet where the entire floor must be covered with adhesive or glue. A modified loose-lay vinyl sheet has a fiberglass backing and doesn’t require adhesive. 【Get Price】

Maybe this means that your living room floor is a deep dark wood color but your dining room can be a shade lighter that is different but that still complements the living room shade. Maybe the hall can be carpeted in a warm shade that harmonizes well with the earth tones in your various wood grains. 【Get Price】

Pergo offers a range of different aesthetic choices for each of its floors from light to dark colors to hand-scraped to wire-brushed textures. So it’s important that you explore all of your options to ensure you get the floor with the right look and feel for your home. 【Get Price】