landscape edging to prevent erosion

Usually granite the stone is imbedded into or spread loosely onto the slope. Riprap slows and diverts flowing water. It is effective but can appear stark or harsh in some landscape designs. To soften the impact you can plant the areas between the stones with a variety of ground covers or rock garden plants. Terraces stair-step up the slope ... 【Get Price】

Above: In her Austin Texas garden landscape architect Christine Ten Eyck has a thin crust of soil over limestone. To direct rainwater down a slope she built a series of check dams and low retaining walls. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Gardenista. Erosion is the process that happens when the surface of the earth wears down. 【Get Price】

Edging also makes garden beds look professional and polished. Lawn edging comes in a variety of materials and at a range of price points. Flexible steel edging (shown here) scores as a top-of-the-line treatment that boasts durability and good looks. It's maintenance free and you can mow over it without damage. Read on for more garden edging ideas. 【Get Price】

When it comes to problem landscape solution ideas there are several effective ways to prevent soil from washing away on sloped landscapes. If minor erosion is a problem for you try one or more of the following techniques all of which employ the use of “erosion-control plants:†1.) 【Get Price】