fence 15ft from easement on one side

A private easement might allow a neighbor to access your property and a public one might allow any member of the public to walk through your yard. Affirmative versus negative: Most easements allow something to happen which are affirmative. But they can prevent actions too like blocking someone’s solar panels with a line of trees which ... 【Get Price】

Utility Easements – be aware these can be above or below ground such as power lines or sewer pipes. Sidewalk Easement – even if there isn’t a sidewalk visible there may be a right to build one on your property. Driveway Easement – your neighbor who lives behind you needs to use part of your property to gain access to his house. 【Get Price】

Orange County un- incorporated and I am wanting to put up an 8′ fence on the road side as I am a corner lot and have had an *’ would wood fence before no problem but the hurricane tore it up so I now wanting to put up a 8′ White Vinyl fence and this fence is in my yard it would sit about 4 feet from the sidewalk but I need it as ... 【Get Price】

The developer we bought the property from said that we could put a fence up all the way to our property line. We purchased the house under that agreement. The easement allows drainage to flow throughout the subdivision. Of course the fence we construct would not impede this from happening. The new developer says that he wants all the fences to end prior to the easement (approximately 30w x 50L ... 【Get Price】

The main rule of thumb for homeowners to follow when there is an easement on the property line is to avoid building anything including fences on said easements. Building a fence on an easement is risky because the property owner may be ordered to take it down or find it destroyed by a public utility that has easement access to the property. 【Get Price】

Unlike an easement a license can normally be revoked at any time for any reason. If you grant your neighbor access under the terms of an easement agreement you may find it difficult to revoke including after your neighbor sells her property. Easements grant a right to one person to use property that is owned by another. 【Get Price】

An owner may erect a fence on the line between their property and the adjacent owners so that the fence may be partly on one side and partly on the other. The owner of the fence has the same right to remove it as if it were entirely on the owner's property as long as the fence is not more than five (5) feet from the line. 【Get Price】