how much does it cost to build a deck skateboard

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Skateboards designed for children often are the lowest in terms of price. These boards can range anywhere from $20 to $45. If you were to build your own skateboard then plan on spending about $30 to $80 for the deck $15 for the bearings $35 for the trucks $5 for the grip tape and another $30 or so for the wheels. 【Get Price】

Kid’s skateboards – these are the cheapest type of skateboards as they are typically small and only have the basic features to make them safe for kids. They cost around $20 to $45. Mid-quality skateboards – if you are just a newbie skateboarder these are enough to get you through the excitement and groove. The price ranges for these ... 【Get Price】

Total Cost For Complete Skateboards(Build-Your-Own): Average skateboard setup costs run a little under $170. As you can see the deck and trucks bring prices up. Least expensive setups can cost around $64-$ if choosing to build your own complete. Just for fun let me show you how expensive it can really get. Yes…$316.65 for a skateboard. 【Get Price】