leakproof existing deck solution

Both of these were retrofits to existing decks and worked pretty well keeping out all but a few drips. Because of the rigid materials and larger troughs these are easier to flush out and keep free of debris than systems that use a membrane hung over the joists. 【Get Price】

Solution 3: Replace the Deck Boards It's not the easiest option but replacing your wooden deck boards with synthetic decking (composite or PVC) might be your best investment in both time and money. In just a few weekends and with basic carpentry tools you can have a stunning deck that looks brand new and will look great for many years. 【Get Price】

Here’s another solution – which also gives you the chance to upgrade your deck at the same time! First you need to purchase a continuous sheet of EPDM which will cover the entire deck area. This is used to provide a durable long-lasting waterproof membrane on top of your existing deck. 【Get Price】

The water then flows through these channels and off the deck edge or into a gutter. Versadry™ eliminates puddling and the need to squeegee water off your deck every time it rains. No need to squeegee means lower maintenance and a safer slip resistant deck solution with an under deck dry storage space below. Waterproof - Water Flow Drainage ... 【Get Price】