pergola with reclaimed lumber

Regardless of cost a simple pergola can provide subtle shade and help define an area in a garden. Pine is typically a cost-effective lumber option but you also can save money by building with salvaged or reclaimed lumber. If you have the proper tools and a wooded lot you can cut your own timber and rip it into boards for free or build the ... 【Get Price】

Reclaimed Wood Pergola: I searched the Internet for buy and sell pages in my area and found someone who had torn down their old deck and was offering up the pieces for free. There was so much different types of wood there I figured my pergola was in there somewhere.I spe... 【Get Price】

As for what type of wood to use we have found treated lumber to be the most economical and durable choice. By far! Cedar is an option but the cost of cedar is astronomical. And in many cases cedar will still warp and twist. A pergola can be outfitted with all kinds of awesome accessories to create the perfect outdoor space. 【Get Price】

Under the terrace pergola of a Martha’s Vineyard home by Mark Cunningham a zinc-top reclaimed-oak table stands next to a wood-fired oven. Pinterest Photo: Björn Wallander 【Get Price】