wire fence costa rica

A living fence along the Pan-American highway in Costa Rica. (Jackie Trahan/Missouri School of Journalism) By Jackie Trahan. RINCON DE LA VIEJA Costa Rica — Along the curvy narrow roads of Costa Rica there are long fences beautiful trees and sometimes an innovative combination of the two. 【Get Price】

Steven Costa has built fences on the Divide for over ten years and is an experience installer of wood chain link vinyl high tensile wire no climb wire barbed wire and electric fencing. Costa Fencing provides fence installation services for the greater El Dorado County area . 【Get Price】

The trees are saying little. It's hard to talk with barbed wire in their mouths. And contrary to romantic imaginations trees don't have much to say. The ones that have mouths work full time in Costa Rica holding up kilometer after kilometer of living fence. Over the machete cuts they grow Angelina Jolie lips calluses that kiss and grip the steel wire. 【Get Price】

A more husbandry-related use of the living fence dots the Costa Rican landscape. Most of us have probably passed or have seen pictures of the “trees” planted along the perimeter of the fields connected to one another by typical barbed wire. This type of living fence is both a good value for your money and environmentally sustaining as well. 【Get Price】

They weren’t the normal fences I was used to. They were made of planted trees and then connected by barbed wire. These living fences were fascinating and also quite beautiful. Much like the rock fences you find in Malta and Ireland Costa Rica’s living fences are like a piece of artwork but the artist is mother nature. 【Get Price】