attaching plastic lattice t bottom of floor

The easiest way to cut a vinyl lattice is with a circular saw. If you reverse the blade you will find that the reversed blade will prevent the saw teeth from chopping through the vinyl lattice. The result is a smoother cleaner cut sheet of lattice. A lattice sheet should be supported a maximum distance of every 4 feet. 【Get Price】

Where two pieces of vinyl lattice meet at a center stile secure the seam with two rows of 1-inch panhead screws. 6. Hang the framed-lattice panels Photo by Chip Henderson. Hang the framed-lattice panels from the porch with either 3- or 4-inch strap or T-hinges. 【Get Price】

This is the easiest way to cut vinyl lattice that I've come across and I wanted to share it with you. I had to replace a couple vinyl lattice sections that w... 【Get Price】

Then you position the trimmed lattice panel level it and fasten it to the posts and rails with nails or screws. Once you have installed the lattice panels you trim and attach wooden or vinyl lath-type molding or planks to conceal the edges of the lattice panels. 【Get Price】

Homeowners and builders install vinyl lattice panels known as skirting around the base of a porch or other structure. Vinyl lattice panels provide a finished appearance while hiding joists and posts. They also create a barrier so unwanted animals cannot set up their home in an area. The panels are available in an assortment of colors and styles. 【Get Price】