backfilling around above ground pool

Swimming Pool Help. newtopools wrote:I just had a 52" above ground pool installed.But they do not backfill or landscape. They told me to put plastic down when backfilling to keep water off of the pool. 【Get Price】

The process for backfilling an above ground pool is very different than inground pools but is very necessary. Many homeowners don’t even realize that they need to backfill for an above ground pool. The amount of backfill will vary depending on the unique situation but a small amount will always be required. 【Get Price】

Because they are by definition above the ground many homeowners do not think about the need to backfill around above-ground pools. At least a small amount of backfilling is usually required ... 【Get Price】

Above-ground pools installed in a space cut out of a slope can have a small amount of backfill around them however to prevent soil erosion. Step 1 Call your local town hall office and request a building permit. 【Get Price】

Last week it was in the 80's and I got a nice tan. Go figure Anyhow his logic with the backfill and grading it away from the pool was to help prevent backwashing under the pool and creating a sink hole. The ring around the bottom of my pool is resin so I don't have to worry about it reacting with the soil. ••• 【Get Price】