hdm avanti ceiling panels

Avanti Elegant MDF panelling for every room. Thanks to the four rounded edges you achieve a unique and particularly harmonious vibe for every wall and ceiling. Avanti panels offer completely new possibilities. Designs can be realised simply and problem-free as panelling. Put your own stamp on it! 【Get Price】

Avanti Aqua panels are especially developed for the ceiling of the bathroom. The panels have a core of waterproof MDF and are finished with a foil on the front side as well as the back making them ideal for humid conditions. 【Get Price】

Avanti wall- and ceiling panels are available in 2 lenghts: 1190 x 168 x 10 mm and 2600 x 254 x 10 mm. Avanti 3D panels are produced in two thicknesses (6 and 10 mm) to create a special 3D effect. The panels have a seamless fit and can be mixed randomly making every wall unique. 【Get Price】

Avanti panels have been the most popular series of wall and ceiling panels for many years now. On the basis of 10mm MDF and the dimensions of 130 x 16.7 cm they are available in many decors. They have a four-sided tongue and groove connection and are easily mounted with clips. 【Get Price】

Avanti Aqua Allure silver grey ceiling panels are especially designed for the bathroom. The core of the panels is moisture resistant (green) MDF. Also the back of the panel is finished with a foil and therefore Avanti Aqua is resistant against moisture. Between the panels there is a mini V-groove for an exclusive look. 【Get Price】

HDM ventures into the third dimension It is well known that HDM has been specialising in products for interior decoration made from wood and wood products for a number of years. We draw special attention to the HDM Wall and Ceiling panelling collection which are produced with many clever optical and technical details. 【Get Price】

HDM is the producer and distributor of a wide range of wall and ceiling panels laminate flooring Aqua-Step wooden flooring (Character floor) Cinewall® laminated timber panels mouldings and skirting. Since 1959 HDM develops decorative wood products for DIY-enthusiast and professionals. 【Get Price】