cover up for ugly decks

Concrete Patio Idea – Cover Up with a Deck! Kelly at ‘View Along the Way‘ shows us how to build a deck over concrete. Perfect solution for an outdoor patio that needs updating. Great instructions! Another Concrete Patio Cover Up Using Stain. Renew your patio with stain and some expert tips from ‘Family Handyman‘. 【Get Price】

Dress up the stairs leading to your deck by lining the edges with potted plants. Vary the size and type of plant to add visual interest. Choose plants that will remain relatively small so they don't overtake your deck. 【Get Price】

How to Make Your Patio Look New - Ugly Duckling House Allow the patio to dry but repeat the cleaning step as many times as needed. I ran out of cleaning solution before I could fully cover the patio a second time so I would recommend getting more cleaner than you think you’ll need the bottle says up to 300 sq. ft but my patio is only 80 and it didn’t fully cover it a second time . 【Get Price】

A concrete overlay can give your ugly concrete patio floor or pool deck a makeover. From a simple resurfacing to something quite decorative the possibilities are amazing! Being a concrete contractor since the early 80's I've seen a lot of concrete that needs a new surface. 【Get Price】

We started with a very tired very damaged very ugly old patio area beneath our upper deck. At some point it had been painted with concrete paint (long before we moved in) and it had NOT held up well. It actually made me cringe every time I looked at it. We started out by giving it a serious {and I do mean SERIOUS} power washing. 【Get Price】

This patio cover-up will save you the cost of that gravel. More important it eliminates the backbreaking drudgery of breaking up concrete digging up soil hauling it all away and hauling in gravel. On this 12 x 14-ft. patio a patio tear-out and new gravel base would have meant more than 12 extra tons of wheelbarrow work. 【Get Price】