ways to hide basement from outside

10 Clever Ways to Hide Outdoor Eyesores Utility boxes lawn equipment and trash bins are necessities but they don't deserve to share the spotlight with your gorgeous garden. Here's how to make these and other blights fade into the background. 【Get Price】

Hide Wires Inside a Shower Curtain Rod Cover. If you’re mounting your TV to the wall and don’t want to install the wires inside the wall you can hide the clutter with a shower curtain rod cover. You’ll want to lightly sand the cover then paint it the same color as your wall. Fresh Crush has the DIY how-to steps. 【Get Price】

Whether you're playing a game of hide-and-seek trying to get away from someone who annoys you or pulling a prank on your friends sometimes you just need to hide.The best hiding spots are those that keep you completely covered like behind the couch under a pile of clothes or inside a cabinet or similar space. 【Get Price】

This guide will teach you how to hide cables quickly without cutting into your walls while keeping your home looking clean and modern. If you’d prefer to hide TV wires behind the wall this guide will walk you through every step of the process. 【Get Price】

Hide AC Unit with Birdhouse Picket Fence. This is the perfect way to use your outdoor AC unit cover for more than just that! Let your fence serve as a perch for birds to eat and chill lining up birdhouses to create an attractive outdoor space. Here’s how to cover your AC unit with plywood to protect it when winter rolls around. 【Get Price】

25 Smart Outdoor Eyesore Hiding Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space From simple DIY type projects to things requiring a bit more skill and effort we think you’ll find something here to help you hide the ugly stuff so you can enjoy the fruits of your backyard garden and landscaping labor. 【Get Price】

Finding creative ways to hide exposed pipes is tough especially if you've never been introduced to them first. It's hard to think outside of the box! Fortunately we've all put our heads together online and shared all the various ways to conceal pipes whether on the exterior of your home in your basement ceiling in the laundry room or in ... 【Get Price】