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A composite floor is comprised of a reinforced concrete floor slab and structural steel floor beams acting compositely together. The structure consists mainly of profiled steel decking working together with in-situ reinforced concrete*. The decking rests over the structural steel floor beams network which is erected using suitable means. 【Get Price】

Floor decking provides unbeatable reinforcement to concrete floors. Corrugated patterns provide surface area for concrete to bind to while adding structural integrity. We carry an impressive selection of floor decking in stock and we can also fabricate a variety of patterns gauges and substrates made specifically for your job. 【Get Price】

Some steel deck are used only for its forming ability to support concrete. This will eliminate the long process of shoring and formwork. For instance 20 gage 3 inch deep floor decks spans up to 10 feet long the same deck 16 gage can span 18 feet. 【Get Price】

If you do decide to have a concrete roof I suggest you support the concrete using galvanized steel deck forms. These metal panels look something like galvanized roofing but heavier. The panels serve as a permanent steel base for poured reinforced concrete floor slabs. The need for temporary wood forming is eliminated. 【Get Price】

Technical Details of Steel Decking in Composite Floor Slabs. The practice in which steel decks are used is known as composite floor decks. The basic building block of this application is further known as a composite floor slab. There are three (3) materials used in constructing a composite floor slab; steel decks reinforcing bars and concrete. 【Get Price】