floor truss vs 2x10

For a mid to upper end home on a crawl space the norm might be I-joists first floor system and floor trusses for the 2nd floor system. The trusses are often even more expensive than I-joists but allow for a more open floor plan (longer spans) and have the added advantage of easily being able to run plumbing DWV and possibly some mechanicals ... 【Get Price】

Open Web Floor Trusses. Open web floor trusses are constructed with 2 x 4’s on top and bottom with a sort of “web” in between secured with metal plates. The open space is ideal for running wires pipes and utilities. I have these in my home and I use the space for extra storage as you can see in the picture. 【Get Price】

Trusses are poor at containing a fire and due to their open web can allow a fire to spread even within a floor assembly unless fire barriers are installed within the floor system. For a common residential structure such as ranches bungalows or simple colonial style I still prefer sawn lumber accompanied by engineered LVL’s. 【Get Price】

With floor trusses the step-down can be built right in to the design for minimal additional cost. This creative design is a very nice alternative and is very fun to design! Unique conditions: Keyed Connection – Pros & Cons. ADVANTAGE: Floor Trusses. What happens where there is an interior bearing wall? Or the floor truss needs to be longer ... 【Get Price】

Dimensional Lumber Floor Joists 2 x 8 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 construction lumber was the popular choice for floor joists before floor trusses and I-joists were developed. . Though construction lumber cannot span as far as floor trusses or I-joists it is readily available and when used within its strength capabilities construction lumber will produce a solid-feeling floor s 【Get Price】