when to apply decking oil

The deeper clean will strip the old oil from the wood. Your deck may require a day or two to dry before it can be oiled. If there is mould on the deck use bleach (check with your timber supplier for the right type) on the whole surface to remove the mould from the timber. Use a hose to rinse off the bleach and allow the deck to dry. 【Get Price】

This decking cleaner is really easy to use and the end result will have your deck ready to re-oil really quickly. Alternatively if your deck has traces of old finish on the surface it’s probably best to skip the cleaning process and simply sand away the old finish before giving your deck it’s new oil coating. 【Get Price】

Decking oil is a great solution for new wood preserved new wood and wood which only has oil on it. It protects your decking from harm and keeps it looking great all year round. Applying Decking Oil. Before applying decking oil you need to ensure that your deck is clean dust-free and physically sound with any damage mended. 【Get Price】

Decking Oil needs to be applied in dry conditions when the forecast is clear of rain and frost. Thoroughly shake the tin to ensure the contents is mixed together. Pour the whole tin into a tray. If you need to use more than one tin mix them together. Apply the oil on a small hidden patch of decking to make sure you’re happy with the colour. 【Get Price】

Allow the deck boards to dry for at least 24 hours before applying any paint or stain. Step 4. If traces of any previous finishes such as oil and stain still show consider using a decking stripper. Apply as per product instructions. How to prepare to paint stain or oil decking 【Get Price】

Always do the patching up before applying the oil. 3. Apply: sim for evenly and in one go per coat; don't do the job piecemeal as it will show in the finish. Is decking oil eco-friendly? The most eco-friendly option is to just treat your deck with linseed oil. 【Get Price】