wood floor that can be used in state oforida

However hardwood flooring can lead to costly repairs after the installation. Hardwood doesn't react well to the Florida humidity. The more moisture in the air the more it expands. Installers must leave a space between the edge of the floor and the wall to compensate for this expansion. Humidity can also cause the wood to rot and mold is a ... 【Get Price】

You can learn more about Florida’s weather and environment from organizations like the Florida Climate Center. Solid Wood Floors. Solid wood floors are comprised of boards that are cut from one species of tree. The thickness of the boards can vary but according to the National Wood Flooring Association they typically range from 3/4” to 5 ... 【Get Price】

Best Hardwood Floors for Florida: Part 2 of 2 Engineered Hardwood Floors. This section will reveal the pros and cons of another viable option for hardwood floors in Florida and will offer some concluding thoughts on how to decide which type of wood flooring is best for your home. 【Get Price】

This is easily the best wood flooring type for the high-humidity Florida homes. This 30-year-old flooring option gives you the look of real solid hardwood flooring but also has many other benefits. Most importantly engineered hardwood is specifically designed to better withstand humidity which makes it a perfect flooring option for Florida. 【Get Price】

During installation real wood can receive on-site finishing in which workers sand and finish the floors at the site to give the wood a more classic look. Solid hardwood stays down with nails hammered into a subfloor but with sanding real wood can hide any flaws in the subfloor such as minor irregularities or height variations. 【Get Price】

Aside from sunny weather all year round Florida is known for its humidity. Florida visitors and natives can contest to that; the peninsula is surrounded by water – there’s no escaping it Florida is destined for eternal humidity…but that doesn’t stop Floridians to buy quality flooring (had to tie flooring in – it’s a flooring website of course! not the weather channel) products ... 【Get Price】

You can reduce humidity problems by circulating air and running dehumidifiers but there is a better way to get a hardwood floor without expansion/contraction issues - Engineered wood flooring 3. Spilled water damage It's not just humidity. It's water in general that can harm solid hardwood floors. 【Get Price】