what type of wood floor for kitchen

What type of vinyl flooring is best for kitchens? Like linoleum vinyl is a resilient flooring type which means it is softer than non-resilient types like hardwood or tile. Because of this you’ll want to choose a rigid core vinyl for your kitchen flooring. Rigid core vinyl has a sturdy firm center that will stand up to heavy wear and tear ... 【Get Price】

The Best Type Of Hardwood For Your Kitchen. When choosing the type of wood you wish to use to floor your kitchen it is advisable that you choose the hardest wood possible. Ash and oak are typically the strongest species of wood which can be used to make wooden floor panels suitable for a kitchen. 【Get Price】

But hardwood floors have changed a lot since then. They are an increasingly popular choice for a kitchen and they’re often a smart choice — a hardwood floor can do amazing things for the design of a home and it will even withstand quite a bit of use if properly cared for. 【Get Price】

If the right type of hardwood flooring is installed and if it is kept properly sealed a hardwood floor in the kitchen is fairly easy to care for. In kitchens the best flooring installation is one where the boards tightly butt up against one another and where the floor are kept well sealed to block moisture from penetrating. 【Get Price】

The best flooring types for durability often come down to hardwood vs. tile. You’re more likely to damage hardwood but it’s easy to repair. Tile is stronger but prone to cracking when you drop a heavy knife or plate. What tile is best for a kitchen floor? The best tile for a kitchen floor depends on your preference. 【Get Price】

Solid Hardwood is milled from a single piece of wood. The typical choice for wood "purists" this type of floor can be sanded and refinished repeatedly. Because it's susceptible to humidity it can't be installed in damp spaces—so keep that in mind if your kitchen is particularly prone to water spills. 【Get Price】

Hardwood flooring finishes come in sheens from low-shine satin to high-gloss. Sheen is what gives your floor a reflective shine and will help bounce natural light around the room. Each sheen has its appropriate place in your home but there's one style we recommend the most for kitchens. 【Get Price】