clean teak deck furniture

If you are cleaning your teak furniture outside use a garden hose to rinse off the soap. If you are cleaning the teak furniture indoors use a damp cloth to remove the soap residue. Be sure to frequently rinse the cloth out so that you don’t keep reapplying the soapy water. Let the teak furniture air dry when you finish rinsing it off. 【Get Price】

There are a number of good teak cleaners available. Several companies produce a 2-part cleaner and brightener that are intended to be used together. This is the best option when you desire a deep clean for your teak patio furniture to remove all dirt and grime and brighten it up from a state of neglect. 【Get Price】

How Often to Clean Teak Furniture . Unless something spills on it you can give your teak furniture a yearly cleaning. When you first purchase your teak furniture decide if you want it to maintain its original honey wood colored finish or whether you want a natural soft silver-gray patina that comes from exposure to the sun. 【Get Price】

Apply the solution to your teak furniture with a soft nylon brush gently scrubbing with the direction of the grain to avoid scraping up the surface of the wood. Step 4. Once your teak is clean hose it down once more and allow to dry. (Optional) Step 5. 【Get Price】

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture with Bleach. Another fantastic way to clean teak furniture is by using a DIY deck cleaning product complete with ingredients like bleach and dish soap. As with most cleaning strategies start with the milder option before jumping into more powerful agents like bleach. 【Get Price】