best retaining wall for water

The design and performance of most retaining walls are based on keeping the area behind the wall relatively dry. To ensure a quality project the soils used must not become saturated during construction and the final design must route water away from the back of the wall. 【Get Price】

Water that pools near a retaining wall can mean disaster for your wall’s integrity. The biggest concern that you need to think about is cold weather. If it were to get cold enough that water trapped behind the retaining wall will freeze and expand pushing the wall outward. 【Get Price】

Avoid retaining wall failure by ensuring soil stabilization and proper wall drainage. Clay soils retain water for a long time exerting pressure against the wall. On the other hand sandy soils and small rocks or gravel allow water to drain easily. Make sure to get the proper mix behind the wall. Retaining Wall Tips. Remember the purpose of the ... 【Get Price】

A retaining wall’s effect on the natural flow of water could impact your neighbors so some communities require homeowners to obtain a permit before construction commences. 【Get Price】

This video provides step by step instructions for building a concrete block retaining wall with a water application. Learn more about Anchor Wall retaining w... 【Get Price】