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Established since 1975. Yeow San PL is a leader in foam products in Singapore. Our products includes foam boxes carpark formers cut sheets & 3D customised shapes used in construction and marketing events. 【Get Price】

DAIKEN Access Panel Frame. Accessories: Tapping screws board retainer x4 insulation outer frame holder x4 (phi3x16) x4 Material: Inner frame outer frame / A6063S-T5 coin lock / ZDC2 dropout prevention metal fittings insulation board retainer lid holding metal / SPCC airtight material A B C / EPDM foam insulation heat insulation cover outer frame / polystyrene foam insulati Opening ... 【Get Price】

Hikari Polystyrene Foam Board Specification: With UV agent 2014 TRUSCO Published Page: 1-1916 Purpose: As a substitute for glass. Partition door panels bathroom door etc. 【Get Price】

Yewco is now one of the largest insulation and packaging materials supplier in Singapore. Their products ranging from their Winluck extruded polystyrene EPS Geofoam Laminated and Homogenous foam to Advertising PS board are now widely accepted by the market. Their materials are commonly used in insulation to building and cold room roads and ... 【Get Price】

Types of Insulating Boards Choose from three types of insulating foam core boards for wall insulation. Products with a higher R-value have a higher cost but have an increased capacity to resist heat flow and therefore provide greater insulation. Each type comes with unique advantages: • Expanded Polystyrene. 【Get Price】