maple wood flooring kitchen

Wood floors are often used in kitchens to give them a warm cozy feel and using a light maple that matches the cabinets for the flooring creates a unified feel for the space. The golden tones of the maple are light enough that your kitchen won't be overpowered by the cabinet and flooring combination as it might be with a darker wood like mahogany. 【Get Price】

Engineered maple flooring on the other hand is usually a layer of maple wood a few layers of plywood and then a final layer of maple wood. This variation of higher quality wood with cheaper wood makes the cost of your maple flooring per square foot a little cheaper. 【Get Price】

Solid unfinished planks: Installing solid hardwood planks then staining and finishing them in place gives the best possible wood flooring for a kitchen.With this installation the boards butt up tightly together and are covered with a sealer coat that covers the entire surface providing protection that won't be penetrated by water or staining materials. 【Get Price】