wood floor trim around fireplace

Multi-purpose Reducer is used to transition floors of Multi-purpose Reducer is used to transition floors of unequal height from wood/laminate floors to carpet vinyl or tile. This molding will provide a seamless look when transitioning between flooring surfaces. Coordinates with hardwood floor providing a beautiful finished look. 【Get Price】

An alternate method is to place trim such as an end cap carpet reducer universal edge or square nose against the fireplace and run the flooring against the trim. Frame Around the Fireplace 【Get Price】

Note: Installing a floor can be difficult if there's a fireplace in the living room. In this case a floor has to be custom fit. Right next to a fireplace there could be some in-floor heating wires that stick up from the subfloor and a curved hearth of the fireplace to contend with (Image 1). 【Get Price】

Hardwood at Fireplace Hearths. Installing hardwood moldings around fireplace hearths has never been an attractive solution for covering up those gaps. Unfortunately inexperienced installers will handle it this way either because they do not know of other solutions or don't care to handle it any other way. 【Get Price】

Trimming a Wood Floor Around a Hearth. Transitioning from hardwood to a hearth is tricky whether the hearth is level with the floor or raised. The wood requires expansion gaps on all sides to ... 【Get Price】

Applying a molding trim to the floor around brick areas such as fireplaces requires different setup. Apply the trim the right way with help from an experienc... 【Get Price】

The trim around the kitchen door that leads to a small side entryway to the outside and the trim around the window and door in the entryway both have many… A sagging frame Q: I live in a condo in an old brick building in Cleveland at the top level. 【Get Price】