how to build pergola with roman pillars

This makes drilling the holes for the anchor pins easier. Once you trace around the column use a square to mark the center. Repeat the same procedure on the rear columns. And be sure to set the columns slightly away from the wall. To mark the center column simply measure between the two columns at the back. Mark with a square just like the rest. 【Get Price】

Pergola originates from an Italian word pergola which simply means projection. In other words it refers to wood structures mostly in Roman gardens that projected from the outdoor walls and were supported by pillars. Pergolas can be attached to your house on one side while the other side links the exterior wall of the house to the landscape. 【Get Price】

1. Fixed Pergola Roof. Pergolas are being used to help frame areas like outdoor kitchens lounges and entertainment areas. These spaces need more protection than an ordinary open-topped pergola can give so fixed roof pergolas are the perfect solution. This pergola is topped with a fixed canopy made out of polycarbonate panels. 【Get Price】

Build a Pergola with Columns from Start to Faux Finish! This pergola has unique posts – they are fluted fiberglass columns that have been installed over 4”x4” posts and faux painted to coordinate with the patio dining set. 【Get Price】