prodema wood panel systems

Panels have a Bakelite core covered with a natural wood veneer that is treated to ensure maximum resistance towards UV rays. All panels are available in a wide range of tones and no two panels are the same. There are many options available for panel thickness to meet the requirements of all project applications. 【Get Price】

Panels consist of an open ventilated rainscreen facade around a high-density Bakelite core clad Exterior panels are treated with synthetic resin and an exterior grade PVDF film providing excellent durability and anti-adherent properties to protect from solar radiation atmospheric agents dirt and attack by chemical products 【Get Price】

Prodema has a management system certified with the ISO 9001 standard. Certificates and warranties. Prodema as part of its philosophy of constant improvement relies on internationally renowned external companies to certify its products and processes. Prodema is registered with the following standards: ISO 9001 on Quality Management. 【Get Price】

The attachment system hides behind the panel for those projects requiring an aesthetically smooth facade free of hardware. Exposed: This is the most common mounting system employed with PRODEX panels: simple strong and more cost-effective than other systems. 【Get Price】