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The static electricity generated by decking can easily conduct to metal handrail. Use anti-static decking you can avoid the troubles of static electricity. There are a growing demands for the anti-static decking product because this functional decking can provide better product experience and safer usage. 【Get Price】

Static generated from composite materials decreases as the material ages the recommended product application is regularly throughout the first year and periodically after that if necessary. This entry was posted in Anti-Static Coatings. Bookmark the permalink. 【Get Price】

The reason I'm asking is because a client asked about whether I knew of any other instances of static electric shock from a deck using composite material. Here in the Northwest high temperatures and dry air are rare so I'm putting the blame on the makeup of the deck material and the soles of the client's shoes unfortunately I don't know the ... 【Get Price】

Re: Seven Trust deck static problems I've recently tried an anti-stat called ACL Stati-cide on a deck experiencing static charge issues and found both mopped on and sprayed on it eliminated the static charge found wearing multiple types of sole shoes. Both myself and the builder involved proved it our several times. 【Get Price】