best wood for pontoon deck

Pontoon decking is the material that is used to span the pontoons on a pontoon boat. The passengers and pilot of a pontoon boat ride upon the pontoon decking which can be manufactured from many different types of material. From wood and alloys to composite materials the pontoon decking is often ... 【Get Price】

Best paint for Pressure Treated pontoon deck August 25th 2014 07:23 PM I am putting BC pressure treated plywood decking on my old pontoon that never leaves the dock. 【Get Price】

What are the Differences Between Using Composites Aluminum or Wood for Your Pontoon Boat Deck? Read this and find out more pick the best one for your needs and lifestyle. Composites: In recent years some manufactures have made more composite flooring options available. 【Get Price】

Pontoon boats are the best places for playing partying and spending time with friends and family. But you can’t do anything without a good solid deck underneath your feet . Most pontoons are made from an aluminum frame and sitting on top of the frame is the base we call the deck. 【Get Price】