easy to clean outside dog fences decorative metal

8. Vinyl Dog Fence Ideas. A vinyl fence can give you privacy and create a modern clean-looking fence. These fences are typically taller and have solid panels between the posts. You could have a plain top to your fence or choose a decorative design such as lattice. The advantage of this style fence is that your dog cannot see beyond it. 【Get Price】

In the past we tried a small metal garden fence but I was never happy with the results. Besides the fact that it just never looked good my little dog could always figure out a way to sneak inside. And now that we have active kids running around the yard I really wanted something that was sturdy and with no potential for sharp edges. 【Get Price】

Portable dog fences are usually made out of either metal or a plastic. Here’s a brief overview: Metal. Manufacturers usually use metals like stainless steel or iron to design portable dog fences. Metal fences are sturdy and highly durable. These might be slightly on the heavy side but your dog can’t chew through metal. 【Get Price】