how to drill holes in flower boxes

How to Attach Flower Boxes Without Drilling Holes. Outdoor planters brighten up outdoor spaces without the space or digging requirements of a traditional garden. Many planters attach to houses and ... 【Get Price】

I suppose you can drill a few small holes fill the container with soil water it and examine how well the excess water penetrates. This is fine if you hit it correctly the first time but having to empty the container to drill more holes would be a pain. 【Get Price】

Sometimes punching holes in planters can be accomplished with a nail. Another interesting tool that some people use for drilling a drainage hole is a rotary tool often referred to as a Dremel. A simple electric drill properly fitted with the right bit can add the necessary holes in the bottom of a container. 【Get Price】

Plastic flower pots are a main staple for commercial plant sales. Greenhouse growers use the pots when transplanting seedlings that have outgrown the small cells in growing trays. The plants are generally transferred to window boxes large planters and hanging pots after a customer brings them home. 【Get Price】

A hand drill will work best for this project. For small to medium planters (4” – 12” in diameter) it’s good to drill a couple of holes that are no larger than ½ of an inch. For larger planters 16” and up drill a couple of holes that are at least an inch in diameter. 【Get Price】

Many flower pots come with only one drainage hole. Others don't have any holes at all. If the container is made from a material you can drill add two or three more drainage holes. 【Get Price】

Flower boxes also commonly called window boxes are one way you can bring the garden inside to your home. However flower boxes often require drilling into the studs of your home. This is not an option if you have vinyl siding that is easily cracked and tough to repair and it's definitely not an option if you rent your home. 【Get Price】