horizontal fence vs vertical

All wooden fences can warp due to humidity or moisture and horizontal wooden fences are not exempt from this potential problem. 3. Initial Cost. While wood is still more economic to use for a fence or gate building material than its iron counterpart horizontal wooden fences are more expensive than vertical wooden fences to build. This makes ... 【Get Price】

A fence on a hill is always more challenging than a fence on flat land. With a vertical board fence it is easy to stair step the fence so each section is a bit higher or lower than the one before it. That can be much harder with a horizontal fence especially if there is no retaining wall at the base of the fence. 【Get Price】

Horizontal fencing is not necessarily more difficult to install than vertical fencing but it does require special training. The posts and supports are interlocked in a specific manner so you will need to work with a skilled fence company like All Around Fence LLC. 【Get Price】

When a traditional vertical wood fence weakens the rot starts at the base of each fence post where the post meets the ground. A horizontal fence built with the FenceTrac system of metal posts and frames will outlast a traditional wood fence many times over. 【Get Price】

4. The Horizontal Fence Rules. When it comes to style horizontal plank fences have replaced the vertical and picket fencing of yesteryear. “Stylistically it’s only horizontal” Newman said. “Everybody’s going horizontal. Everything pre-fab is always going to be vertical and everything custom made is going to be horizontal.” 【Get Price】