can you use steel floor park on vinyl railings

Do not use any steel wool besides #0000 because it might scratch the vinyl. While it is true the vinyl deck railings will not need stain or paint and are not susceptible to carpenter ants and termites you will need to do some light cleaning to remove grime and dirt that has accumulated after being exposed to the elements. 【Get Price】

Vinyl doesn’t stain or collect mold as easily as composites in most situations and its smooth surface is easy to clean. On the downside all the parts are hollow so vinyl railings usually require more pieces for strength. You slip the vinyl posts over either a sturdy metal base or a wood 4×4 bolted to the deck frame. 【Get Price】

Metal railings can be ornate and used aesthetically or as a safety device for room dividers. They attach directly to almost any floor and you can rely on them to be stable when attached to the ... 【Get Price】

Finally if you’re shopping for a new railing check out MMC Fencing & Railing. In our online store you’ll find everything you need to create a variety of different railing systems. We offer stylish and durable aluminum classic and maintenance-free vinyl and even the ultra-convenient ScreenRail which keeps bugs at bay with a breezy screen. 【Get Price】