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Install Bender Board—the installation of the bender board is an important step as it provides a clean line and separation for the plants or bed and turf areas. Step 2: Base Preparation Gravel DG Mix—the next step is to install the base material. 【Get Price】

These characteristics make our Bend-A-Board for synthetic grass installation an excellent choice for artificial putting green grass artificial sports grass artificial grass for homes artificial grass for yards artificial grass for lawns artificial grass for playgrounds artificial grass for gardens and other areas and types of synthetic ... 【Get Price】

Sub-grade bend-a-board is a flexible framing material that can be used to simplify the artificial grass installation process while making your installation more robust. Here’s a quick guide on ... 【Get Price】

The Bend-A-Board to be used here is distinct from a landscaping Bend-A-Board or a Wonder Edge product that are used mostly for aesthetic purposes. The sub-grade Bend-A-Board in artificial grass serves a structural purpose – as a nail board along the perimeter of your project to provide a more robust installation. 【Get Price】