ripping laminate flooring with table saw

The SKIL 3601-02 flooring saw is not just a regular laminate floor cutting saw. It contains the capability of both a table saw and standard miter saw together. That’s why you don’t need to cut the flooring outside. Days of running back and forth to install the flooring after cutting it are bygones. 【Get Price】

The most difficult part of the installation often happens with the last row because the last row of laminate flooring usually needs to be ripped to size. Ripping is another word for cutting laminate flooring lengthwise instead of widthwise. A circular saw can help you cut this row to size quickly and efficiently. 【Get Price】

Table saws are also great for rip cuts made with the grain. Since saw blades tend to splinter material as they exit the wood run laminate flooring planks with the good side facing up. 【Get Price】

Of the saws available the most useful are table and circular saws because they are easier to control and were designed to create these incisions. These tools can also rip cut which means making straight cuts parallel with the grain. Below are some of the most common tools available for shaping laminate and whether they are useful for your ... 【Get Price】

A Table Saw: A tablesaw will come in very handy for making rip cuts on laminate flooring and is the fastest and most accurate way to do these types of cuts. No other tool will cut laminate flooring lengthwise better than a tablesaw. 【Get Price】