best sealer for wood trailer deck

I would go with a 1/2 and 1/2 of Linseed oil and thinner. It is really a great sealer. I have had it on a trailer deck for 4 years now. This year were are going to reseal it. Do it on a hot sunny day and let the wood get all the sun. It will soak up the oil and the wood will become tougher. I have done this to many everytime 【Get Price】

All the hype about the damaging effects of water are just that-hype. Bob recommended a solid body exterior stain or latex paint as the best shield against UV and the wood breaking down. Any clear coat that’s applied to wood (for example Thomsons Water Seal) is worthless in keeping the wood from softening and eventually rotting from sunlight. 【Get Price】

Best Deck Sealer: Editor Pick; Best Deck Stain And Sealer: Editor Pick; Best Deck Sealer And Stain Reviews. 1. ToughTimber – Waterproof Deck Sealer Wood Sealer Cedar Roof Sealer; 2. DeckWise Seven Trust Oil Hardwood Deck Semi-Transparent 250 VOC Natural Finish (1-Gallon) 3. Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Stain for Wood Decks Wood Fences Wood Siding ... 【Get Price】

This deck sealer from Thompson’s water Seal is considered one of the best seller of all time. Founded by the chemist Edward Addis Thompson in 1920. It is a Seven Trust coating product that is used to protect building from exterior water damage. 【Get Price】