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Thermoforming is a primary polymer conversion process in which a plastics sheet is heated to its rubbery state stretched cooled and mechanically cut. Often this process can affect the mechanical impact short- and long-term viscoelastic peel delamination rheological biaxial extensional color and gloss properties of the sheet. 【Get Price】

Deepak Langhe Michael Ponting in Manufacturing and Novel Applications of Multilayer Polymer Films 2016. 7.6.4 Shape Memory Composites. Multilayer films have shown promise as shape memory polymers (SMPs) which is a class of materials capable of shape change under external stimuli like temperature strain etc. Conventionally SMPs are custom synthesized to create multiphase polymer with ... 【Get Price】

A polymer layer in a multilayer sheet or film can exhibit different mechanical behavior from a free film of the same material. Particularly striking effects can be observed in laminar composites containing a “hard” component and a “soft” component or a “brittle” component and a “tough” component. 【Get Price】

The multilayer structures comprising n stacks of inorganic bilayers (on one side and / or on the other side of the substrate) may comprise at least one layer of polymer material disposed between the layer of SiO 2 of a stack and the layer of SiO X iN yi H zi of the stack following directly for example n-1 layers of polymer material each of ... 【Get Price】

Multilayer films may be of use for cell encapsulation since the films can coat various cell types and can even be used to build multilayered cell architectures. Developing a device that provides immune protection via micro-encapsulation as well as enhanced control of both transport and surface physicochemical properties is an important and ambitious step in the development of an effective ... 【Get Price】

Coextruded multilayer cyclic olefin polymer films or sheet having improved moisture vapor barrier US8523419B2 (en) 2007-05-20: 2013-09-03: 3M Innovative Properties Company: Thin hollow backlights with beneficial design characteristics US8608363B2 (en) 2007-05-20: 2013-12-17: 3M Innovative Properties Company 【Get Price】

The purpose of a film or sheet die is to produce a polymer film with uniform thickness dimensions across its width which is suitable for any subsequent film process. For a multilayer system the production of uniform layer dimensions is added to the overall requirement of uniform total thickness. 【Get Price】