can i paint wpc siding installation

Regular painting is a necessary component to maintaining engineered wood siding for the long term. Here are some helpful tips that you should know when deciding how to paint your LP ® SmartSide ® siding options. 【Get Price】

Siding is a significantly larger up-front investment than painting. Vinyl the most common type of siding as of 2013 can run from $2 to $7 per square foot depending on style quality and region. 【Get Price】

Paint can be tinted to any color and small details can be preserved so your options in terms of appearance are practically limitless. High quality paint lasts longer so use the best you can afford. Typical exterior paint costs between $25 and $40 a gallon and Seven Trust paint is twice that at $50 to $100. 【Get Price】

Yes you can! Of course painting vinyl siding is a large project to be sure but it’s not a particularly complicated one. You may fear that in order to paint vinyl successfully you will need ... 【Get Price】

Aluminum siding paint typically lasts from five to 10 years and aluminum siding is easy to paint. How much does aluminum siding paint cost? One gallon of paint typically covers between 250-400 square feet but you’ll need to know how many coats of paint you’ll need to apply to estimate how many gallons of paint you need. What is the best ... 【Get Price】

Painting vinyl siding is possible with the right preparation paint and technique. If you decide to paint your siding select an exterior latex paint labeled for use on vinyl siding. Choose a color no darker than that of your siding (darker shades absorb more heat which can warp the siding) and follow the instructions for surface prep. 【Get Price】